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The Buying Guide for Built in BBQs & Side Burners

The Buying Guide for Built in BBQs & Side Burners

Finally, the wait is over! Grilling season is here. And, if you are looking for a built-in BBQ & side burner, there are thankfully multiple options to choose from. Whether you purchase a classic charcoal model or the one that depends on gas, all these outdoor BBQs make summer parties a lot more fun. To pick the right BBQ, please pay close attention to the factors mentioned below.

Fuel Type

There is a plethora of BBQs out there, and narrowing down the choices can be quite intimidating. Finding the right fuel type is perhaps the right factor, to begin with. 

What type of BBQ is right for you? The answer relies primarily on your cooking style and the level of convenience you want from the BBQ. There are pros and cons to each kind, so being aware of the jet characteristics will put you on the right track.

  •   Gas

Gas is the most common fuel used for BBQs. Manufactured in cart style, gas BBQs use either natural gas or liquid propane tank. They are attached to your home’s gas supply line through a conversion kit.

Natural gas is believed to be cleaner than liquid propane. It is also affordable and you do not have to worry about refilling. Liquid propane is more expensive but such tanks can be carried from one place to another easily.

In the case of built-in BBQs & side burners, you can adjust between low heat for steady cooking and high heat for searing. They are not ideal if you plan on cooking meats like ribs or whole chickens that need hours.

  • Charcoal

Charcoal BBQs ensure the conventional smokiness that most individuals expect when they think of grilled flavor. They come in various sizes and shapes. They burn through lumps of charcoal or charcoal briquettes.

You have to spend a substantial amount of time preheating the BBQ or lighting the briquettes. You must also thoroughly clean the BBQ and dispose of the charcoal ash after you are done cooking.

Now charcoal BBQs might not be as customizable or precise as gas BBQs but they are cheap and give out a distinct flavor.


Once you have decided on the fuel type, please think of the size. Almost all small to medium BBQs will be perfect if you are preparing a meal for four people or less frequently. BBQs are generally measured in square inches. The ones in the 350-550 square inch range are large for most individuals.

If you have a big household or if you find yourself in the middle of a neighborhood BBQ scene, go for a model that has four, five, or more burners. Are you planning on getting a gas BBQ but also wish to cook ribs or whole chickens using indirect heat? If yes, please go for a model with a three-burner.

Additional Features

At the most fundamental level, a BBQ must not just cook properly. Apart from undertaking the correct steps to prep the grill, there are several features you need to consider. These features would improve your experience to a great extent. For instance, side burners are best to heat sauces or sides that do not dash between the patio and kitchen stovetop.

If you want to move the BBQ during the summer season, please choose something that has wheels on all four legs and a lock feature.

The contemporary BBQs have impressed larger segments of the population because they are smart. They let you closely observe the internal temperature of the food via an app. In some BBQs, you can set timers and see recipes with just a click of a button.


A company that believes in all of its products will provide an excellent warranty. The length and kind of warranty are significant factors to consider when purchasing a BBQ. It speaks a lot about the quality and the expectations manufacturers have for the longevity and performance of the BBQ.

Keeping the factors stated above in mind will help you opt for the best built-in BBQ & side burners. Now no matter which BBQ or side burner you end up buying, eating outside with friends and family is definitely considered the best way to spend weekends. Enhance your grilling expertise to make warm-weather adventures tastier.

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When summer arrives, all you may want to do is spend your time around the sea until sunset or even after dark. Isn’t it exciting? 

Having said that, it is quite normal to feel hungry because the summer days are too long.  

For a pleasurable experience in your beach house, those stale sandwiches are pretty dull. How does a nice, juicy piece of meat sound? 

We bet you are looking forward to a fun BBQ experience.

Okay, now the question is how to make this happen. You'll need the best marine grade BBQ in Australia to achieve this. 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a marine grade grill, including its size, dimensions, and overall cooking capability. If you're not sure where to begin your search, don't worry, we are at your rescue. Read this article to find answers to all your questions.

Buying Guide

  • The Amount of Space Available

You must first examine the size of your beach house area where your BBQ needs to be placed. Grills designed for beach houses come in various sizes.

The size of the cooking area is expressed in square inches. The product description will always feature this information. As a result, you have no justification for overlooking this crucial information. It will be your primary criterion for determining whether or not it will fit in the space available in your beach house. There will enough space for your friends and family to sit around and enjoy. 

  • The BBQ's Construction

The best marine grade BBQ in Australia is made of rust-resistant materials of the highest grade. It promises to be long-lasting in this regard. The BBQ will undoubtedly survive despite exposure to extreme weather conditions, which are common in beach areas, thanks to its solid components.

Keep in mind that saltwater, grease, and discoloration may all harm the BBQ. If the BBQ is constructed of stainless steel, these gadgets will not be able to leave their imprint.

  • Various Fuel Types

The kind of fuel to use is vital, and you may choose between charcoal and propane. It is completely your choice, which type of fuel you want to choose. 

Having said that, propane is the fuel of choice for beach house BBQs. It is true that charcoal is affordable and that it enhances the flavor of food. However, there is a significant disadvantage to it.   A charcoal BBQ must be kept dry, which may be tough to do around the beach. Weather conditions are always changing

The latter is also preferred because even in the case of strong wind, you can keep control of the flame. Cleaning this type of BBQ is also not that difficult as well.

  • Warranty

When a BBQ comes with a guarantee, it's simple to tell whether it's worth it. It's an indication that the product is made to last. Consider how much more you could spend on the accidental replacement. If anything goes wrong with the BBQ, a guarantee will put your mind at rest.

Is a marine grade BBQ different from an ordinary BBQ?

Conditions around the beach are quite different. The indifferent weather, salty water, humidity, strong winds, etc., are a few factors that one must consider before bringing in a marine grade BBQ. Manufacturers are aware of the situation, and BBQs for beach houses are designed to meet these unique needs. They're designed specifically for beach conditions. 

Don’t forget about the safety! 

You should be in charge of securing it at your selected location to prevent fires that might result in injuries and property damage. Much worse things may happen, such as putting your life in jeopardy. When this occurs, authorities will undoubtedly be alerted.

Final Words!

Cooking sounds fun, especially when it comes to BBQ. But, you must make sure you do it safely. Nowadays, most barbeques use a disposable canister, which offers convenience. Because a grease tray can capture all of the oil and grease, cleaning will be quick and easy.

The best marine grade BBQ in Australia can be a great source of enjoyment. If you can fill your tummy with warm delicacies cooked on a marine grade BBQ in Australia, you will have a fantastic time in your beach house. We hope that the article helped you make an informed choice.

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The Top Six Designer Outdoor BBQ Cabinet Ideas!

The Top Six Designer Outdoor BBQ Cabinet Ideas!

Picture this - you are in your backyard, and you have an outdoor BBQ cabinet that functions well and allows you to cook on the patio without any hassle. Sounds great! Did you know that it can also be a unique and lovely addition to your backyard that makes your neighbours envious? What else can be better than this? 

That said if you're already planning something for your barbeque area or searching for new ways to spice it up, consider any of the suggestions below. You can effectively design the BBQ of your dreams with the top 6 designer ideas listed below. Let's have a look! 

An Excellent Countertop

Countertops are known for a number of good reasons. It helps to add beautiful colour, acts as a focal point, and helps you design outdoor BBQ cabinets in a subtle way to give a rich appearance. The good news here is that there are tons of countertop materials to choose from. However, each of them comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Many people like the shine and appearance of granite. But, it needs to be sealed on a regular basis, especially when used in outdoor kitchens. Additionally, concrete or slate tiles fall into the same category. Although both provide the BBQ area with a fantastic appearance, they require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. 

All you need to keep in mind is your budget, how you intend to use the BBQ, where you live, and several other aspects concerning your situation. For instance, stainless steel is a sturdy choice with a contemporary look. However, it may have dents if there is immense roughhousing on the patio. Other choices are glass, engineered stone, porcelain, quartz, and travertine. 

An Amazing Backsplash

A backsplash is an interesting way to design outdoor BBQ cabinets If your BBQ area is against the wall or has a raised area behind it, you can add a personal touch or use bright colours. The external stucco can sometimes be used as a backsplash. However, stucco, on the other hand, is difficult to keep clean. The smoke from the grill may cause it to become filthy.

Instead, choose a vibrant tile. It is easy and simple to clean and will improve the overall appearance of the patio. 

Sufficient Space

Next, you should build a separate building for the designer outdoor BBQ cabinets if you have enough room in your backyard. This will keep the main living area clean and provide a space for your guests to interact away from the smoke, residue, and odours of the ingredients.

You also have the option of creating a dining area or bar where people can relax while you prepare meals. If space permits, the structure can be used to store pool toys or sports equipment.




You can easily brighten the room by placing your BBQ cabinet on the covered terrace. You may add skylights on the roof to provide enough light. Here, skylights offer light not only during the day but also at night. While dining on the patio, your guests can gaze at the stars. How beautiful! 

Bear in mind that unless you are handy, you might require a professional installation. Skylights can leak if they are not installed correctly or if low-quality materials are utilised.

A Swing Door or a Roll-Up

Most individuals desire accessible and moveable trendy outdoor BBQ cabinets. They are pleasant to the eye and should not be disguised. In fact, you will want to show off your customised BBQ cabinets to your out-of-town friends or neighbours if you have them.

However, if you have a small living room, tucking your BBQ cabinet away will make the space feel less congested and cramped. When not in use, choose a swing or roll-up door that can obscure the view of the BBQ.

If you're using a charcoal or wood grill, make sure the fire is totally out before closing the door. 

Smart Storage

Now, do you intend to go for only one of the suggestions on the list? If yes, this is the one to go with. While the others might improve the beauty and functionality of your kitchen, clever storage is critical. Pots, cooking utensils, pans, and other kitchen items can be stored separately if you have enough storage. Make sure you have open shelves where you can display a few of your best pieces for added style points.

If you use one or more of the ideas above, you may create a BBQ cabinet that looks like the ones you find in designer stores or in glossy home décor publications. For people who are not DIY gurus, you can seek professional help without reservation.

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How to Store Your BBQ Over Winter? A Beginner’s Guide!

How to Store Your BBQ Over Winter? A Beginner’s Guide!

Do you want your BBQ to stay in tip-top shape for several years?  The biggest hurdle can be winters. Yes, winters can be tough to deal with for your BBQ; hence, you must learn how to store it properly. Don’t fret! Implement the below tips for long and short-term storage with utmost caution. This write-up will answer all your questions related to how to store your BBQ over winter.

Every Day BBQ Storage Tips

If you are looking for a place that can be your BBQ’s home for the winter, please opt for an area that is flat as well as spacious. Keep the BBQ away from greenery or concrete structures. Try creating a safety zone that your pets and kids cannot access.

If you have a gas grill, you must pay attention to the propane tank. Store the tank in a covered area. Always remember, even during the coldest months of the year, the tank must maintain a consistent temperature of 120 degrees.

After each BBQ session, follow the rules specified for appropriate storage –

  • Thoroughly clean the grill grates after every meal. To keep a definite distance, it is essential to opt for the long-handled tongs or a crumpled aluminium foil.
  • If you have been using a gas BBQ, you must turn the knobs off, and close the tank by turning the knobs in a clockwise direction. For the charcoal grills, allow the coals to become cool by closing the lids and shutting down all the vents. Do not throw away hot coals in the trash can.
  • Try to not move hot BBQs. The charcoal and gas grills are known for staying hot for many hours after usage.
  • Wash the spatulas, pans, meat thermometers, and other accessories you used for cooking.
  • A BBQ cover is believed to be the best way to protect your precious equipment from harsh weather. Make sure the grill has cooled down completely before covering it.

Prepping the BBQ for Long-Term Storage

It is immensely important to clean the BBQ before putting it inside a storage unit or else mice and other critters would be attracted to the leftovers and set accommodation inside the grill. Follow the below tips to keep your BBQ safe throughout winter. This is how to store your BBQ over winter.

  • Fire up the grill to the highest temperature and let it remain that way for at least twenty minutes. The heel will melt off lingering grease and food particles, making clean-ups much easier. You may also put a can of water on top of the grates to steam clean the interior sections, if you find that convenient.
  • Once the BBQ has cooled down a bit but is still warm, please clean the insides using a grill stone. It is readily available online. With grill stones, you can successfully scrape off any residue. Do not forget to wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. Using brushes can leave behind unnecessary marks.
  • Now when the BBQ has cooled down completely, you must use water and soap to wash down the interior and grates. If the grates are extremely grimy, please soak them in coffee for at least an hour.
  • If you have a charcoal BBQ, empty and wash the ashtray properly. When charcoal is left behind, moisture can unfortunately creep in, and make the filth quite tough to remove during spring season.
  • Finally, yet importantly, coat the grates with hot oil so that they do not rust.

Once the steps stated above are done, clean the exterior of the BBQ with soapy water. Use a scouring pad or sponge. Let the BBQ dry before undertaking the next steps. You must also closely monitor the BBQ for cracks or any sort of damage.

How to Store the BBQ?

Once the BBQ is clean, consider putting it for hibernation during winter. You should purchase a high-grade cover to keep the dirt, dust, and critters from accumulating.

For gas BBQs, please disconnect and put away the propane tank before throwing the cover on. Propane tanks must always be left outside. Don’t worry – they can endure low temperatures even as low as -60 degrees.

Anyway, it is best to keep the BBQs indoors during the winter season, whether that means keeping it inside a shed, basement, or garage. This will prevent rust and mildew. But in case you do not have a proper indoor space, you should go for a spot that remains sheltered from the harsh environment.

Bottom Line

Although your BBQ will be fine if you follow the above tips, it does not hurt to check-in occasionally. Once every month, lift the cover up to make sure no bugs or animals have inhabited your grill. This is how to store your BBQ over winter.

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Everything You Need to Know About Flame Failure BBQ

Did you know a lot of gas portable BBQs are equipped with flame failure? A lot of you must have heard about flame failure but are quite clueless about it. Well, to answer your question, it is a safety device that would protect you while you are cooking your favourite meals or preparing for a grand feast. It cuts off the gas supply in case the flame on top of the burner somehow blows out.

The gas releases instead of building up inside the BBQ and its interior valves. That’s great, right? After all, when the gas accumulates, the chances of an explosion touch the sky. For further details, please check out the following article.

Why the Burner Flame Blows Out? 

Suppose you are cooking outside when it is windy. A strong gust of wind can blow out the flame. This will wreak havoc on your plans of preparing a huge meal. Although flame failure cannot fix such an issue, it keeps you safe from a potentially dangerous situation and lets you resume cooking later in a seamless manner. 

The burner flame also blows out when the burner is not installed properly and when the air to gas ratio is incorrect. 

What are the Features of BBQ Flame Failure?

● A large number of modern-day brands have been providing flame failure upgrades on all the standard BBQ models. As it is a factory-fitted upgrade, you cannot get the device as an additional accessory. The flame failure should be fitted at the time of purchase. 

● The BBQs with flame failure must have a timer. The timer regulates the time the gas takes to flow through the BBQ. It is set to ten minutes. To continue cooking, you must press the timer button after every eight minutes.

● Flame failure is unfortunately not commonly available with the reverse control models. These are a bit rare but some brands provide BBQs with controls on the left instead of the right.

● Many BBQ product ranges come with flame failure as an extra advantage. You primarily notice them in camps, caravans, and national or recreational parks.

How Does Flame Failure BBQ Differ from Standard Ones?

Flame failure BBQ looks a bit different from a standard BBQ. The control knobs lie on the right side.

Flame failure models feature a customised faceplate that accommodates the timer and hides the extra parts needed for installation. Standard BBQs have knobs and a piezo igniter. 

How to Operate Flame Failure BBQs?

Operating flame failure BBQs is a bit challenging. You must keep in mind the below steps with utmost caution – 

● Turn the knobs to off.

● Turn on the valves located at the gas supply.

● Press down the flame failure button made of metal and continue holding it down.

● When holding down the button, turn on the pilot light by pressing down the ignitor. You may see the pilot flame through the control end of the BBQ. If the ignition does not happen, release the flame failure and wait approximately ten seconds before trying.

● If the pilot is alight, hold down the flame failure for ten to twenty seconds and release.

● Turn on one or both the taps to high. You will see cross-lighting on the primary burner.

● After usage, turn the taps off to extinguish the burners. Then go on to turn off the gas supply for extinguishing the pilot light. 

Signs You Need Flame Failure BBQ 

It is considered an excellent idea to opt for a flame failure if you wish to use the BBQ for commercial purposes. This includes catering and events, food services, community associations and clubs, etc. In such contexts, the BBQ is after all used in open spaces where the wind can cause difficulty as opposed to in domestic backyards. The backyards have walls and fences to protect the BBQ. 

If you reside in an extremely windy region, flame failure is believed to be a worthwhile investment even when you are using it domestically. Obviously, with some models, you get a flame failure no matter what.

Bottom Line

It is incredibly significant to remember that gas is dangerous and human beings have harnessed the capacity to utilize it for pleasure. Do not get carried away, though. Remember, flame failure could make the difference between singed eyebrows and properly cooked snags.

To install flame failure to your existing BBQ, please rely on a reputed manufacturer – someone who is efficient, reliable and experienced. Check on the gas safety precautions or else you would be putting yourself and your family members in grave danger. Who would want that, right?

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How to Light a Charcoal BBQ

A quick guide to lighting your charcoal bbq
  • Brandon Jackson