Best Price Guarantee

Tucker Barbecues has a policy of offering low prices every day.
We mark them right down so you can be confident you are getting a great deal, making your shopping experience faster and easier.

Tucker Barbecue's Online Price Guarantee

If you find one of our products cheaper than any other Australian retailer, we possibly can match it.
Just make a note of the price and where you have found it, and then give us a call 1300 300 227 or our online chat.

We aim to have the lowest possible prices however if by some chance a competitor has a price better than ours, we may match any genuine offer wherever and whenever we can.

Product and price requirements for a price match:
- Product for price match must be identical and brand new in the box.
- Product must be in stock or readily available with an authorised vendor (no auctions, group buying sites, daily deals sites, grey imports or whole sale distributors)
- Product must be listed on the Tucker BBQ website.
- The price you want us to match must have been publicly advertised within the last 14 days.
- Tucker Barbecues DOES NOT price match any products displayed on auction websites (auction or buy it now prices).
- We do not price match pricing errors.
- Price must include all costs including any shipping charges.
- If the advertised price is for pick-up only we reserve the right to charge a delivery service fee.
- We look at the final price. That means all fees and shipping costs.
- If the price includes services we don't provide, we will still match the price, but may not match the service.