BBQ Cooking Tips

Q. Do you tend to get flare up on your bbq when using the grill?

You should always pre heat your bbq on high for 10 minutes then turn the controls down to low before placing any meat on the grill. The bbq should be hot and will only need low to maintain heat for cooking.

Choose lean cuts of meat when using the grill to help
reduce flare. Use the hot plate for sausages and fatty cuts of meat and finish them on the grill to char them if you like them crisp.

TUCKER TIP: Our new Tucker bbqs have been designed so you can cook on high. Most cast iron burner bbqs where actually designed to be very powerful as they originally didn’t have roasting hoods and there was a lot of heat loss.Now that most bbqs are sold with a roasting hood there is
no longer any need for such powerful burners. The roasting hoods retain far more heat than an open bbq.Tucker have reduced the power of the burners so as to reduce the chance of flare. This will also reduce the risk of discolouration of the stainless steel, and reduce wear and tear on the bbq chasis as heat is the mayor factor in fatigue of bbqs.

Gas consumption has decreased which in turn saves you money on fuel.

You can now cook on high without as much flare and reduce the temperature as you require if flare occurs with or without the hood shut.

Q. Does your volcanic rock always flare up and burn your meat?

Its always a good idea to leave your bbq on for 5 minutes after you finish cooking to burn off any oil or marinade left on the volcanic rock. This way when you next use the bbq there will be less flare off the volcanic rocks. You can also put old volcanic rock in a pot of boiling water and clean the oil out this way or just simply buy a new bag.

Be careful when using new volcanic rock as when heating it for the first time will cause the rocks to crack and spit for at least 20 minutes as the volcanic rock has air bubbles in it and as it gets hot the air expands and causes it to split and pop, it sounds like fire crackers.

When replacing volcanic rock you only need a single layer of rock on the rock tray/grill , don’t pour the hole bag on unnecessarily as it doesnt work as well.

All Tucker bbqs come with high temperature ceramic tiles, designed to replace the use of volcanic rock. They don’t spit when new. They are easily cleaned. Just simply turn them over and let the bbq burners burn off any excess oil or marinade off them. These tiles don’t need burning in and can be rotated as you need.

The tiles hold more heat than volcanic rock and are the reason we have been able to down jet the burner power but still achieve plenty of heat to the cooking grills.

Lots of other bbqs in the market are using perforated metal baffles which suppress heat therefore needing the use of more gas to get the heat through to the cooking grills.
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