Top Things you should Know on how to Buy the Best Electric Grill

Electric grills might not be the first thing to come to your mind when you are thinking about BBQing. However, the structure of electric grills is pretty similar to traditional charcoal and gas grills. Moreover, you will still get the classic BBQ feeling while cooking with the electric grills. 

Usually, the electric grills have a heat source underneath the cooking area. They generate convective heat without any open flame. Therefore, if you want to design an outdoor kitchen on your balcony or terrace, electric grills are suitable. 

You would be able to recreate the classic grilling experience without open fire. And as they don’t produce any type of open fire, these grills are suitable for condos and apartments. Here are some top things to consider while buying the best electric grill.   

Consider the Structure of the Electric Grill 

It is necessary to consider the structure of the electric grill before integrating it into your outdoor kitchen. Nowadays, electric grills are available in built-in, portable, and freestanding models. Let’s take a glance at these three models of electric grills. 

  • Freestanding Electric Grills 
  • Freestanding electric grills are versatile for any type of outdoor space. You can easily install them on your balcony or terrace. However, a freestanding electric grill depends significantly on the length of the power cord. With this model, you can also have access to side shelves. 

    • Built-In Electric Grills 

    Built-in electric grills are plug-and-play BBQs. They are convenient as you just need to plug in the device to an outlet. Moreover, with this model, you can maintain the same BBQ temperature. Investing in an electric grill is environmentally sustainable. 

    • Portable Electric Grills 

    If you want mobility, selecting a portable electric grill is suitable. The best portable grill available in the market lets you grill while you’re on the move. But you should consider the weight and compactness of the portable electric grill model before purchasing it. Buying an electric grill made of stainless steel is a wise decision. 

    Selecting the Size of the Electric Grill 

    Size matters when you are buying an electric grill. You should consider the space in your outdoor kitchen before deciding on the size of the electric grill. Here are the questions to consider before deciding on the size of the grill. 

    • How many people do you cook for?
    • How often do you grill food for your guests?
    • What will be the most significant number of people you’ll look for?

    Once you have the answers to these questions, you can decide on the perfect size for the grill. 

    Small Electric Grills 

    • In small electric grills, the cooking surface might be smaller than 26 inches 
    • These are best for small families or personal gatherings 
    • The small electric grills can accommodate fifteen burgers 

    Medium Electric Grills 

    • These electric grills have a cooking surface in the range of 27 inches to 33 inches 
    • These grills are suitable for feeding a big family 
    • These medium grills can accommodate almost twenty-one burgers at the same time 

    Large-Sized Electric Grills 

    • These grills have a cooking surface that measures more than 43 inches 
    • You can feed your whole crowd easily with these grills 
    • A large-sized electric grill can accommodate more than thirty burgers 

    The Things to Know about Power Consumption of an Electric Grill 

    Before buying an electric BBQ, you should know how to grill to perfection with smokers. Electric grills need a dedicated power outlet. Moreover, you cannot plug other appliances into the same socket while the grill is plugged in. Usually, an electric grill draws a large amount of power. 

    That’s why it is necessary to install a dedicated socket for your grill. You can consult the grill’s manual to see the amperage the electric BBQ requires. Most electric grills can operate with a standard outlet of 15 amps. Paying close attention to the power requirements of electric grills is essential. 

    Is the Grill Suitable for Indoor Areas of your Living Space?

    Typically, you should operate your electric grill outdoors. Electric grills don’t have the risk of open flames. However, they can emit smoke that can cause ventilation issues indoors. If you are using an electric grill indoors, it is recommended to use a vent hood. And even though the heat source is not an open flame, there are risks of dealing with smaller flames. 

    Like all other BBQ grills, an electric grill needs periodic maintenance. BBQing in compact spaces is now easier with electric grills. It is essential to consider these factors before buying an electric grill. With the right electric grill, your guests will have a fantastic time. 

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