The Top Six Designer Outdoor BBQ Cabinet Ideas!

Picture this - you are in your backyard, and you have an outdoor BBQ cabinet that functions well and allows you to cook on the patio without any hassle. Sounds great! Did you know that it can also be a unique and lovely addition to your backyard that makes your neighbours envious? What else can be better than this? 

That said if you're already planning something for your barbeque area or searching for new ways to spice it up, consider any of the suggestions below. You can effectively design the BBQ of your dreams with the top 6 designer ideas listed below. Let's have a look! 

An Excellent Countertop

Countertops are known for a number of good reasons. It helps to add beautiful colour, acts as a focal point, and helps you design outdoor BBQ cabinets in a subtle way to give a rich appearance. The good news here is that there are tons of countertop materials to choose from. However, each of them comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Many people like the shine and appearance of granite. But, it needs to be sealed on a regular basis, especially when used in outdoor kitchens. Additionally, concrete or slate tiles fall into the same category. Although both provide the BBQ area with a fantastic appearance, they require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. 

All you need to keep in mind is your budget, how you intend to use the BBQ, where you live, and several other aspects concerning your situation. For instance, stainless steel is a sturdy choice with a contemporary look. However, it may have dents if there is immense roughhousing on the patio. Other choices are glass, engineered stone, porcelain, quartz, and travertine. 

An Amazing Backsplash

A backsplash is an interesting way to design outdoor BBQ cabinets If your BBQ area is against the wall or has a raised area behind it, you can add a personal touch or use bright colours. The external stucco can sometimes be used as a backsplash. However, stucco, on the other hand, is difficult to keep clean. The smoke from the grill may cause it to become filthy.

Instead, choose a vibrant tile. It is easy and simple to clean and will improve the overall appearance of the patio. 

Sufficient Space

Next, you should build a separate building for the designer outdoor BBQ cabinets if you have enough room in your backyard. This will keep the main living area clean and provide a space for your guests to interact away from the smoke, residue, and odours of the ingredients.

You also have the option of creating a dining area or bar where people can relax while you prepare meals. If space permits, the structure can be used to store pool toys or sports equipment.




You can easily brighten the room by placing your BBQ cabinet on the covered terrace. You may add skylights on the roof to provide enough light. Here, skylights offer light not only during the day but also at night. While dining on the patio, your guests can gaze at the stars. How beautiful! 

Bear in mind that unless you are handy, you might require a professional installation. Skylights can leak if they are not installed correctly or if low-quality materials are utilised.

A Swing Door or a Roll-Up

Most individuals desire accessible and moveable trendy outdoor BBQ cabinets. They are pleasant to the eye and should not be disguised. In fact, you will want to show off your customised BBQ cabinets to your out-of-town friends or neighbours if you have them.

However, if you have a small living room, tucking your BBQ cabinet away will make the space feel less congested and cramped. When not in use, choose a swing or roll-up door that can obscure the view of the BBQ.

If you're using a charcoal or wood grill, make sure the fire is totally out before closing the door. 

Smart Storage

Now, do you intend to go for only one of the suggestions on the list? If yes, this is the one to go with. While the others might improve the beauty and functionality of your kitchen, clever storage is critical. Pots, cooking utensils, pans, and other kitchen items can be stored separately if you have enough storage. Make sure you have open shelves where you can display a few of your best pieces for added style points.

If you use one or more of the ideas above, you may create a BBQ cabinet that looks like the ones you find in designer stores or in glossy home décor publications. For people who are not DIY gurus, you can seek professional help without reservation.