The Buying Guide for Built in BBQs & Side Burners

Finally, the wait is over! Grilling season is here. And, if you are looking for a built-in BBQ & side burner, there are thankfully multiple options to choose from. Whether you purchase a classic charcoal model or the one that depends on gas, all these outdoor BBQs make summer parties a lot more fun. To pick the right BBQ, please pay close attention to the factors mentioned below.

Fuel Type

There is a plethora of BBQs out there, and narrowing down the choices can be quite intimidating. Finding the right fuel type is perhaps the right factor, to begin with. 

What type of BBQ is right for you? The answer relies primarily on your cooking style and the level of convenience you want from the BBQ. There are pros and cons to each kind, so being aware of the jet characteristics will put you on the right track.

  •   Gas

Gas is the most common fuel used for BBQs. Manufactured in cart style, gas BBQs use either natural gas or liquid propane tank. They are attached to your home’s gas supply line through a conversion kit.

Natural gas is believed to be cleaner than liquid propane. It is also affordable and you do not have to worry about refilling. Liquid propane is more expensive but such tanks can be carried from one place to another easily.

In the case of built-in BBQs & side burners, you can adjust between low heat for steady cooking and high heat for searing. They are not ideal if you plan on cooking meats like ribs or whole chickens that need hours.

  • Charcoal

Charcoal BBQs ensure the conventional smokiness that most individuals expect when they think of grilled flavor. They come in various sizes and shapes. They burn through lumps of charcoal or charcoal briquettes.

You have to spend a substantial amount of time preheating the BBQ or lighting the briquettes. You must also thoroughly clean the BBQ and dispose of the charcoal ash after you are done cooking.

Now charcoal BBQs might not be as customizable or precise as gas BBQs but they are cheap and give out a distinct flavor.


Once you have decided on the fuel type, please think of the size. Almost all small to medium BBQs will be perfect if you are preparing a meal for four people or less frequently. BBQs are generally measured in square inches. The ones in the 350-550 square inch range are large for most individuals.

If you have a big household or if you find yourself in the middle of a neighborhood BBQ scene, go for a model that has four, five, or more burners. Are you planning on getting a gas BBQ but also wish to cook ribs or whole chickens using indirect heat? If yes, please go for a model with a three-burner.

Additional Features

At the most fundamental level, a BBQ must not just cook properly. Apart from undertaking the correct steps to prep the grill, there are several features you need to consider. These features would improve your experience to a great extent. For instance, side burners are best to heat sauces or sides that do not dash between the patio and kitchen stovetop.

If you want to move the BBQ during the summer season, please choose something that has wheels on all four legs and a lock feature.

The contemporary BBQs have impressed larger segments of the population because they are smart. They let you closely observe the internal temperature of the food via an app. In some BBQs, you can set timers and see recipes with just a click of a button.


A company that believes in all of its products will provide an excellent warranty. The length and kind of warranty are significant factors to consider when purchasing a BBQ. It speaks a lot about the quality and the expectations manufacturers have for the longevity and performance of the BBQ.

Keeping the factors stated above in mind will help you opt for the best built-in BBQ & side burners. Now no matter which BBQ or side burner you end up buying, eating outside with friends and family is definitely considered the best way to spend weekends. Enhance your grilling expertise to make warm-weather adventures tastier.