How to Store Your BBQ Over Winter? A Beginner’s Guide!

Do you want your BBQ to stay in tip-top shape for several years?  The biggest hurdle can be winters. Yes, winters can be tough to deal with for your BBQ; hence, you must learn how to store it properly. Don’t fret! Implement the below tips for long and short-term storage with utmost caution. This write-up will answer all your questions related to how to store your BBQ over winter.

Every Day BBQ Storage Tips

If you are looking for a place that can be your BBQ’s home for the winter, please opt for an area that is flat as well as spacious. Keep the BBQ away from greenery or concrete structures. Try creating a safety zone that your pets and kids cannot access.

If you have a gas grill, you must pay attention to the propane tank. Store the tank in a covered area. Always remember, even during the coldest months of the year, the tank must maintain a consistent temperature of 120 degrees.

After each BBQ session, follow the rules specified for appropriate storage –

  • Thoroughly clean the grill grates after every meal. To keep a definite distance, it is essential to opt for the long-handled tongs or a crumpled aluminium foil.
  • If you have been using a gas BBQ, you must turn the knobs off, and close the tank by turning the knobs in a clockwise direction. For the charcoal grills, allow the coals to become cool by closing the lids and shutting down all the vents. Do not throw away hot coals in the trash can.
  • Try to not move hot BBQs. The charcoal and gas grills are known for staying hot for many hours after usage.
  • Wash the spatulas, pans, meat thermometers, and other accessories you used for cooking.
  • A BBQ cover is believed to be the best way to protect your precious equipment from harsh weather. Make sure the grill has cooled down completely before covering it.

Prepping the BBQ for Long-Term Storage

It is immensely important to clean the BBQ before putting it inside a storage unit or else mice and other critters would be attracted to the leftovers and set accommodation inside the grill. Follow the below tips to keep your BBQ safe throughout winter. This is how to store your BBQ over winter.

  • Fire up the grill to the highest temperature and let it remain that way for at least twenty minutes. The heel will melt off lingering grease and food particles, making clean-ups much easier. You may also put a can of water on top of the grates to steam clean the interior sections, if you find that convenient.
  • Once the BBQ has cooled down a bit but is still warm, please clean the insides using a grill stone. It is readily available online. With grill stones, you can successfully scrape off any residue. Do not forget to wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. Using brushes can leave behind unnecessary marks.
  • Now when the BBQ has cooled down completely, you must use water and soap to wash down the interior and grates. If the grates are extremely grimy, please soak them in coffee for at least an hour.
  • If you have a charcoal BBQ, empty and wash the ashtray properly. When charcoal is left behind, moisture can unfortunately creep in, and make the filth quite tough to remove during spring season.
  • Finally, yet importantly, coat the grates with hot oil so that they do not rust.

Once the steps stated above are done, clean the exterior of the BBQ with soapy water. Use a scouring pad or sponge. Let the BBQ dry before undertaking the next steps. You must also closely monitor the BBQ for cracks or any sort of damage.

How to Store the BBQ?

Once the BBQ is clean, consider putting it for hibernation during winter. You should purchase a high-grade cover to keep the dirt, dust, and critters from accumulating.

For gas BBQs, please disconnect and put away the propane tank before throwing the cover on. Propane tanks must always be left outside. Don’t worry – they can endure low temperatures even as low as -60 degrees.

Anyway, it is best to keep the BBQs indoors during the winter season, whether that means keeping it inside a shed, basement, or garage. This will prevent rust and mildew. But in case you do not have a proper indoor space, you should go for a spot that remains sheltered from the harsh environment.

Bottom Line

Although your BBQ will be fine if you follow the above tips, it does not hurt to check-in occasionally. Once every month, lift the cover up to make sure no bugs or animals have inhabited your grill. This is how to store your BBQ over winter.