How to Prepare Your Tucker BBQ for Winter

For outdoor Tucker BBQ lovers, it’s always a little heart-breaking when the warm weather season comes to a close. But while all good things come to an end, the best things just hibernate for a while.

A proper cool-down and clean-up for your Tucker BBQ helps to ensure a quick return to glory in the summer.

Today, we’re going to review how to prepare your Tucker for its long winter sleep. A proper cool-down and clean-up for your Tucker BBQ helps to ensure a quick return to glory in the summer. However, you can’t just close the lid and walk away. Here’s a few steps you should follow to prepare your BBQ for winter.

1) Fire Can Cleanse Your BBQ.
preparing BBQ for winter season
To prep your BBQ for winter, preheat the cooking grills one last time, then turn off your Tucker BBQ and scrub the grills with a Tucker BBQ brush to knock off as much debris as possible.

Removing leftovers is important because you don’t want wildlife to get curious about little snacks you’ve left behind, and you don’t want mould to come knocking, either. Mold can flourish if your backyard doesn’t get below freezing, and those aren’t the kind of greens we encourage BBQing up.

2) Soap Can Help Too. Grab a Bucket and a 3M Pad.
3m pad polishes off remaining residue on your Tucker BBQ
After you’ve scrubbed off as much residue as possible, you’ll still need to do some deep cleaning. Make sure the Tucker BBQ has cooled, then remove the cooking grills, flame tamers, and burners. Once removed, use a 3M pad to polish off all remaining residue. The Tucker BBQ cleaning kit can assist with this..

Just remember to rinse thoroughly. You don’t want soapy residue any more than you want beefy residue. Empty any ash catchers or drip pans, then soap them up as well before scrubbing, rinsing and returning them to their spots. .

3) Appearances Matter. Wipe Down the Outside of Your Tucker BBQ.
wipe and polish Tucker BBQ before winter storing
If you use your Tucker BBQ as often as us, prepping your Tucker BBQ for winter is key to avoiding mold, or in some cases, corrosion. To ensure your Tucker BBQ doesn’t attract either of these, take a damp, soapy cloth, and wipe the outside of the Tucker BBQ to get rid of any sticky sauce drippings, hardened marinades, or other remnants of feasts gone-by. Don’t use abrasive cleaners unless otherwise directed to.

Your reputation is only as clean as your Tucker BBQ.

This is also an ideal time to take stock of your Tucker BBQ’s condition. Is anything cracked? Loose? Squeaky? Better to deal with it now than remember it suddenly in the spring after defrosting the salmon and getting that, “on our way” text from your friends.

4) Protect Your Investment with a Tucker BBQ Cover.
Once you’ve cleaned your Tucker BBQ inside and out, you’ll want to maintain that sparkling state with a quality weatherproof cover that can keep the elements out. Make sure your Tucker BBQ is fully dry before covering it. Air drying is fine if that’s an option, but otherwise, towel it off to be sure everything is nice and dry before the cold winter months.

Remember that bugs, creatures, and moisture can get through any tears in the cover, so make sure yours is still in good shape. If you can store your Tucker BBQ in the garage, do that. If you can’t, try to place it under an overhang to keep the bulk of snow or rain off.

At the very least store it where it won’t do too much damage if it’s tipped over in a windstorm. And remember, never store a LPG tank inside. Not even in the garage.

Taking the proper steps to winterize your Tucker BBQ means there’s something delicious to look forward to in the Spring.

Remember that these steps aren’t just for the careful, they’re for everyone with a Tucker BBQ. Taking time now to care for your Tucker adds to its longevity, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Happy BBQing, and don’t forget to share your Tucker BBQ creations with us using our social media channels.