Flame safeguard systems

Flame safeguard systems are an essential safety feature that is used to prevent potential fire hazards in gas-fueled appliances. These systems are designed to automatically shut off the gas supply to the appliance in the event of a flame failure, which is caused by a disruption to the gas flow or combustion process.

In Australia, flame safeguard systems are recommended for gas burners on inbuilt barbecues, gas heaters, and any other gas-fueled appliance used in households or businesses. However, they are mandatory for caravans and Recreational vehicles. This requirement is in place to protect individuals and property from the risks associated with gas fires, explosions, and other hazards.

When installing a flame safeguard system, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure that the system is installed at the correct distance from any combustible materials. According to Australian law, combustible materials should not rise more than 65°C above ambient temperature.

It is recommended that licensed tradespeople carry out the installation of flame safeguard systems. This ensures that the system is installed correctly and in compliance with safety regulations. Once installed, the system must be regularly maintained to ensure that it remains in good working order.

In summary, flame safeguard systems are an essential safety feature that is necessary to prevent fire hazards in gas-fueled appliances. Compliance with Australian safety regulations is mandatory, and the installation and maintenance of these systems should be carried out by licensed tradespeople to ensure proper functioning and compliance with safety standards.