BBQ Spring Clean Time

Remove the cover – I say this like everyone covers their BBQ – don’t worry the following still applies to those among us that didn’t do it after that last BBQ way back when.

The Gas hose (the main artery) – does it flex, the hose that didn’t make it under the BBQ cover is where you start. Make sure the UV hasn’t stiffened your hose, it can stiffen and crack. Test any connections with a soapy water solution (brushing or spraying) EG. The crimp at the ends of the hose, the threaded fittings attached the BBQ or Gas supply.

Turn on the Gas supply NOT the BBQ, (your gas line will fill with gas under some pressure). Do you smell gas? shut off the gas supply and investigate. Is there noticeable active bubbling where the soapy water solution was applied stop, shut off the gas supply and asses the area.

Lubricate – The most affected by the lack of use are the moving parts. The gas valves like to be used and if left unused for a length of time they will stiffen and eventually seize. Which makes it more work to unseize but this can be avoided with lubricant (as per the maintenance tips in the owner’s manual).

Will it start - If the Ignitions click, they still work and may only need an adjustment – We have been making BBQs for the Australian coastal environment for 35yrs – having the Piezo ignition separate to the valve unlike the (rotary/Flamethrower integrated) system it allows for a inexpensive and achievable replacement by the DIYer if spark cannot be obtained

The outside needs some Love - The Environment is the main cause of the pitting on the StainLESS-steel, Stainless-Steel Rejuvenator will make the Outside shine again then a coating of Baby oil, cooking oil (buffed in) will protect it. Make sure any cleaners you use are appropriate for the substrate you clean, Glass Cleaner for glass for instance Not Glass cleaner for all surfaces!
Everyone considers a cover to limit the times you need to wipe over the BBQ with protecting oil.

The Cooking surface – Yes most of us do, leave the plate and grill as it finished. It will need attention.

All things considered the BBQ ignites you should turn all burners on to LOW with the Hood/Lid open after a few minutes when the smoke starts it is time to get the oil on the entire cooking surface ( the back also for cast iron/Enamel) then pinch a paper towel with the tongs and wipe it into everywhere. Turn off the burners and wipe the oil off with a clean cloth (paper towel is fine just watch the oil it gets hot!)

If your eyes tell you it needs more than oil, Tucker Heavy duty BBQ Cleaner is required - I have attached 4 images from what it looked like coming out of hibernation, how the amount of Tucker HD should appear on the surface, the pad used to agitate the grime loose and the colour it turned, lastly the result ready for oil – the total time it took to bring it back to silver was under ten minutes.

Sacrifice a Snag – time to cook, it is worth sacrificing some chopped onion, bacon fat or a Snag.

Get it on - get it moving over the cooking surface, throw it away, wipe on some new oil and you are Done!