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All about Indoor Heating

All about Indoor Heating

All about Indoor Heating

Whether you live in a large house, a granny flat or a small apartment, our collection features a heater for every home.

There is nothing better than coming home to a cosy warm house in Winter, and if you don’t have a high performing and quality heater yet, don’t worry because Tucker Barbecues have a large range for you to choose from. Whether its a powerful gas heater or slow combustion wood fire heater for a large home, or a modern electric or gas space heater for a smaller town house or apartment, we have a huge range of heaters that cover every option – wood, gas or electric.

Indoor Wood Heaters

Slow Combustion wood fires are safe to use and can run for a long time; a single log can burn for up to 4 or 5 hours meaning you can get an overnight burn and wake up to a still warm house, or put your heater on as soon as you’re home and not have to think about it again until after dinner!

Slow combustion wood fires can be installed in half a day and come in all sizes from small fires that only heat one room, to large, multi-room heating fires. Wood heaters are a great alternative if there is no gas connection at your house; they are economical to run and are cheaper than electric heaters.

Feel free to speak to our team in store, online or over the phone regarding the size of your house and the layout of the rooms so that you can choose the right heater for you and your property. Also, make sure to mention if you have stairs – hot air rises so it is best to install a slow combustion fire away from the stairs to get a sufficient amount of heat downstairs before the hot air finds its way up.

Indoor Gas Heaters

If you have natural gas connected to your home, a convenient and efficient form of heating is a gas heater. Gas heaters are so easy to use that when you get home you can begin warming your house with the push of a button or the use of a mobile app. Gas heaters are available as stand-alone heaters or can even be built into an existing chimney.

Gas supply pipelines are installed underground which protects them from the weather and other accidents that can occur above ground causing electrical outages, therefore using natural gas to heat your home offers a reliability unmatched by electricity and a consistent and controllable heat even during power outages.

There are a variety of gas heater options available including free-standing, standard built in and double-sided built in which all come in a range of sizes and colours. All of these heater options come with the choice of buying an additional flue kit or not. Gas heater flues run from the gas heater to the outdoors and directs the gas exhaust out of your living areas and outside of your house. This is the option we suggest and encourage. An un-flued gas heater would need to be in a room with plenty of fresh air as un-flued gas heaters give off carbon monoxide into the living area which is dangerous when oxygen levels in a room get too low. Nowadays most un-flued gas heaters have ‘oxygen depletion level’ safety switches, meaning the heaters will turn themselves off if they detect a low level of oxygen in the room. While this feature is great for safety, we still recommend flued heaters as they will stay on and continue to keep you warm for extended periods of time, while safely disposing of the gas exhaust without releasing into your living area.

Indoor Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are very common and come in a large range of sizes and styles. One type of electric heater is the radiant electric heater. These heaters are cheaper to buy but do have a running cost. While radiant heaters deliver an instant heat, you do need to be careful about installation not being too close to combustibles. Fortunately, these heaters are usually affixed to the ceiling or the wall meaning you don’t have to worry about moving it frequently or tripping over it, plus the kids won’t be able to sit too close!

Another option of electric heater is fan forced convection heaters which are also available in a range of sizes and styles including a flame effect which looks like a wood fire heater. These flame effect electric heaters are perfect for apartments or units where you can’t have a chimney or flue but still want the look of a wood fire heater. High temperature ceramic fan-forced heaters are powerful and oscillate so that the warmth spreads quicker, and due to it being electric, you never have to worry about running out of fuel throughout the day or night like you do with wood.

Overall, indoor heaters are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit any home. Keep warm this Winter with an indoor wood, gas or electric heater from Tucker Barbecues and enjoy the comfort and warmth of a well-heated home.

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