The Tucker GTR Series
Our new high performance Tucker barbecue range
Designed for the harshest environments our GTR BBQs are made entirely from heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel which means you will enjoy many years of fun times and great food with your family and friends.
About the GTR Engine:
Other units on the market need to position their burners quite close to the plates and grills to avoid heat escape from the open base of their barbecues.

Because the GTR is fully insulated, we have more room to move and all our heat evenly rises to the cooking surfaces providing superior control. This design costs more to manufacture, but much more energy efficient to use.

With all the heat retained inside the firebox, the Tucker GTR is up to 60% more efficient than other BBQs yet the internal temperature of the unit can still reach a whopping 550℃.

The twin skin firebox means you can still touch the external body without getting burned.
Our Tucker GTR Flame Guards protect the full length burners, and their pyramid design contributes to the amazing heat consistency found in this series.

The slimline front loading drip tray makes cleaning excess oil a breeze. Simply pull out from the front of the GTR and rinse.

Our classic Tucker piezo ignitions are installed on every burner, don't require batteries or electricity - and last for years.
Many other BBQs on the market have vented sides, or the base or back is open meaning you're dependent on external factors to try and cook that perfect steak!

The unique GTR twin skin insulated and sealed firebox means you get the same performance no matter where you are - in a sheltered environment or right on the windy coast.

The high powered GTR burners are fully protected, meaning we can also position them to maximise heat spread and minimise flare ups.
All our GTR units can be purchased as built in models, so you can install into your own kitchen cabinetry or we can build the GTR into one of our Tucker Alfresco Kitchens.

Custom installation jackets are available to allow you to build your GTR barbecue into virtually any space.
Available in 3, 4, 5 & 6 burner configurations, our GTR Cabinets include self closing doors, foldable shelves and strong, easy to move wheels:
We also offer a powerful three ring side burner, the 'plus one' in every model:
Want to build your GTR into your own kitchen? No problem! We offer insulation jackets so you can build in the BBQ unit into virtually any space:
What's Included:
Full length GTR Burner
Our GTR BBQs come with the new GTR Burner which runs nearly the whole depth of the BBQ front to back.

This means your heat is very consistent with little to no hot or cold spots.

The GTR also has an extra burner inside it, for example our 4 Burner GTR is the same length as many other 3 Burner BBQs on the market! You get a longer flame, and more heat across the width of the unit too.
Easy Clean GTR Tray
Concealed behind the GTR Cabinet Doors or Built In Fascia is our easy clean GTR fat collection tray.

The GTR firebox has a dual gradient that allows excess fat to simply collect in this slimline tray at the base of the unit.

Simply rinse after use, you can even put them in the dishwasher.

GTR Cabinet
Our 304 grade GTR cabinet offer a large area of storage for a Gas Bottle, Natural Gas hosing, BBQ accessories and more.

The lockable strong castor wheels make it a breeze to move the unit as required.

The side shelves are foldable to keep your unit compact when not in use.

The self closing doors ensure your unit looks it's best at all times.
The GTR Window Hood
Large viewing area window hood with our tough Tucker Temperature Gauge. The Hood design rolls on itself, so you don't need extra room behind the cabinet to open up like other models on the market that need the BBQ set out from your back wall up to 50cm.

The insulated stainless steel handle never gets hot to touch and the back stainless shelf can be used for cooking and as a warming rack. This stainless shelf can also be flipped up to maximise your roasting space for larger roasts such as a Turkey.
Stainless Steel Plates & Grills
Heavy duty 5mm stainless steel plates and fully rounded 304 stainless steel grills come standard with all GTR BBQs.
Easy Roasting
The GTR Hood has amazing consistent heat, ideal for roasting. All GTR BBQs come with the Tucker Roast Pan & Rack which is an easy to use elevated shelf for that perfect roast.
Available Accessories:
Cook with Charcoal on the GTR
Our new Charcoal Box (sold separately) allows you to cook with charcoal for that great flavour. Simply light the charcoals with the GTR burners, turn them off and simmer away.
Tucker GTR BBQ Covers
Tucker barbecue covers protect your investment from the outside elements.

Our heavy stitched army canvas covers are available for all units, shelves up or down. Our built in covers come with the exclusive Tucker Stainless Rods to weight the canvas down from wind.
Tucker Electric Rotisserie
The Tucker GTR electric rotisserie is also available for roasting enthusiasts. The heavy duty unit comes with a one piece solid stainless rod, with counter weight and 12kg rated motor. Available separately for all GTR sizes.
We are truly proud of the Tucker GTR Barbecue range. We are the only Australian company that 100% owns it's manufacturing plant, which nearly every component is made in our facility, in house.

This means we don't need to compromise on our designs.

We also service repair all our current and legacy Tucker units - we're repairing units across Sydney that we made 20 years ago!

We hope you consider purchasing a GTR and take your cooking to the next level.