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The Tucker GTR Series
Welcome to the ultimate all-in-one outdoor cooking system
Designed for the harshest environments the GTR Barbecue bodies are made entirely from heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel which means you will enjoy many years of fun times and great food with your family and friends.

The internal fire boxes are fully seam welded resulting in impressive heat retention due to reduced heat loss from wind or rain as well as improving structural strength and longevity in any environment you put them in.
Tucker Wok burners come in two models and are designed to do anything from a tasty gravy, a quick stir fry or steam some vegetables to go with your meal. Both models have variable heat control offering you plenty of range from simmering to boiling.

The S Model Wok delivers 12 mega-jules of heat and can be retro-fitted onto any Tucker Trolley. It has a clever trivet system which folds out so you can support the smallest sauce pan to the largest wok. It is also available as a drop-in bench model Wok so that you can build into your outdoor kitchen.

The SS Model Wok is more powerful and puts out 19 mega-jules and is fitted into the GTR SS range of Barbecues, it is available as a separate Wok for kitchens or available on a mobile trolley.
The Gas Valve and ignitions chosen for the GTR Barbecue Range have been tried and tested in thousands of Tucker Barbecues over decades.

The valves are fully adjustable for either natural or universal propane gas and designed to be fine-tuned to suit your gas pressure perfectly. Couple the valves with solid ergonomic alloy control knobs and this makes the GTR simple to operate and durable any conditions.

The ignitor system fitted to the GTR range is also one tried and tested over decades by Tucker. Every valve is supported by an ignition system and it has been chosen because of its simplicity both to use or if need be replace.
Durability and efficiency are key features of the GTR
Barbecue which is why we replaced the old, Heavy, cast
iron, gas guzzling burners with new high performance,
efficient 304 grade stainless steel burners.

These burners are made from extruded tube and use 20%
less gas than the old cast iron burners. Tucker have
introduced one more burner than they would have
previously into every fire box in the GTR Range, this
makes this barbecue more powerful than ever before.
Heavy duty stainless steel hot plates and grills are
standard across the GTR range. We believe there is no
substitute cooking surface to stainless steel. It is non
porous which makes it more hygienic than cast iron
and more durable as it will not flake or chip. It is easy
to clean and will last the life of the BBQ.