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Grill Versus Oven: What’s the Difference?

Grill Versus Oven: What’s the Difference?

The Oven or the Grill?

Let's break it down:
Sure, it’s obvious that the oven and the grill are different in appearance. But when it comes down to preparing a meal, should you reach for the oven, or head out to the grill? We’re going to break down the real difference between grill and oven once and for all!

Grill vs Oven

When you place wire mesh over coals, you’ve got yourself a grill. In fact, applying dry heat to food, from either above or below, to cook it is classified as grilling. An oven, however, is an insulated chamber that can be used to heat, bake or dry an ingredient. Human beings have been using ovens and grilling, albeit in different forms, since we first learnt how to harness the power of fire.

A big benefit of grilling is that food cooks quicker and has that great flame grilled distinct flavour. You can achieve the right texture of the meat, as you are right with it over the grill.

It is true an oven is easier to monitor and control the internal temperature. Simply adjust the dial, and you’re ready to go! Grilling, on the other hand, means you’re in for a bit more guesswork. When it comes to mastering the grill, practice makes perfect. After a period of trial and error, you’ll soon get the hang of it. If the meat doesn’t sizzle when you first place it on the wire rack, you will need to leave your grill to heat up a while longer. If the flames are roaring and you can smell the meat burning, simply close the vents or cover the lid momentarily to starve the flames of oxygen. (Don’t hold your hand over the grill, and count the seconds before you must withdraw, to ascertain the temperature! This is a myth, and you could end up with serious burns.)

We prefer the grill over the oven (obviously), especially when planning to spend some quality time with friends and family and cook outdoors. Grilling, aside from the aroma and taste it produces, can be an easier and faster way to prepare dinner.

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  • Belinda Medana